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The Organizational Culture of Quinlans - 3389 Words

The Organizational Culture of Quinlans Introduction Quinlan has been UK’s foremost retail giant for a long period of time. By end of 1998 there was evidence of a crisis and since then the company has been on a decline. The company has been ignoring market changes and trying to maintain its corporate image and identity. This has caused the customers to drift to more fashionable brands causing huge loss of business to Quinlan. Presently the company is on a restructuring exercise to improve sales with particular emphasis on customer satisfaction and marketing. Organisation culture at Quinlan’s Organisation culture can be defined as the set of key values, beliefs, understandings and†¦show more content†¦This culture gives prominence to achievement and competitiveness. Employees usually work long hours to achieve certain goals. c) Clan – This culture is reflected in organisations that emphasise on employee’s participation in meeting changes of the environment. Particular attention is paid to employee well welfare. d) Bureaucratic - This type of culture is visible in organisations that follow a well-defined way of doing things. Employees are not encouraged to take risks and rewarded for following rules. This is suitable for a stable environment that is hard to find in these modern days. It is visible that Quinlan’s culture was bureaucratic. In particular Quinlan had: a) Properly defined rules and procedures to function in a predictable and routine manner b) Roles were clearly defined and labour was divided based on these roles c) A hierarchical chain of command d) Clear separation of ownership and control Culture and organisation success Daft, Management, 2003, chapter 3 explains that an organisation has two main environments: the external and internal. The external environment includes elements that exist outside the boundary but have the ability to affect the organisation. Eg. competitors, resources, technology, customers. The internal environment consists of

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Research On B2b International Research Firm - 955 Words

In week seven of our Research Methods course we were asked to identify two research firms and essentially do a compare and contrast on them. After listening to the lecture and doing a little review, I identified two main research corporations that interested me enough to do further research. This week my scholarly activity will be written on B2B International Research firm and EFG Worldwide Research firm. The two firms are very unique in the way they collect data using a variety of different tools, however they also acknowledge that research cannot be specified down to one method and may require multiple methods. As we begin to look into the varying tools that each company uses, I will also discuss the effectiveness of those tools. Beginning with the European Fieldwork Group or EFG Worldwide, they are strategically set up to provide businesses with a one-stop-shop experience which is assisted by the local presence within multiple states. (EFG WORLDWIDE. (2015)) With the speed of communication, the financial market and commerce this is an extremely important benefit to business companies looking for assistance. The EFG Worldwide states that they offer the following tools to consumers; quantitative fieldwork to include telephone, face-to-face, online research and mystery shopping. The company also has an expanded qualitative fieldwork group that consists of focus groups, in-depth interviews and even ethnological studies. While EFG tries to help both industry and smallShow MoreRelatedB2b Branding : A Sustainability Perspective1377 Words   |  6 PagesB2B BRANDING IN EMERGING MARKETS: A SUSTAINABILITY PERSPECTIVE INTRODUCTION B2B companies, especially in emerging economies, operate in socio-economically and ecologically susceptible areas. We will have to create a conceptual model for how they can utilize develop a conceptual model for how they can leverage sustainability to build their corporate reputation and gain both social and financial rewards. In doing so companies change their focus from being market, customer or even shareholder drivenRead MoreThe Role Of Product And Brand Strategy Essay1129 Words   |  5 Pagesattention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. As research has explained the customers’ needs and wants, as well as their tastes preferences, such that it becomes easy for the companies to understand their customers. For achieving the goals the brand strategy must be done in the successful brand. On the potential buyers, B2B markets are concentrating more. Branding is the process by which firms distinguish their products from that of their competito rs. (Kotler, 2001) BrandRead MoreA Cross-Industry Review of B2B Critical Success Factors7933 Words   |  32 Pagescross-industry review of B2B critical success factors Riyad Eid Myfanwy Trueman and Abdel Moneim Ahmed Introduction In recent years business-to-business international Internet marketing (B2B IIM) has received widespread attention. Avlonitis and Karayanni (2000), Hamill and Gregory (1997), Hoffman et al. (1999), Porter (2001) and Quelch and Klein (1996) conducted in-depth studies to understand those factors that are needed to enhance B2B IIM implementation. Various articles, empirical research, and secondaryRead MoreThe Different Types of Business Exchanges712 Words   |  3 PagesThree Types of Business Exchanges Of the many types of business-to-business (B2B) exchanges today, the most prevalent are the public, private and consortium-based exchange frameworks that dominate specific industries and deliver greater transaction velocity and profitability as well. While each of these types of exchanges vary in structure and objectives, they all share the common attributes of having catalogs, support for role-based access control, role-based buying and selling, and order aggregationRead MoreBimo Assessment Tesco1483 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Information and the Management of Organisations Summative Assessment Question One Tesco is a public limited company in the form of an international retailer, selling everything from fruit to personal computers to bicycles. Essentially, Tesco provides a link between the everyday consumer and the producers of aforementioned items. These items are sold in supermarkets of varying sizes. Question Two An example of a Strategic decision made by Tesco may be Shall we expand aggressivelyRead MoreThe Core Decision Criteria For Nyassa943 Words   |  4 Pagespricing packaging should be kept align with its mission. 4. Value creation should be attempted through innovation and lines in harmony with the market forecasting and should be aligned with global standardization. 5. Higher priority to engage with B2B customers due to higher market share than B2C customers, but still keep the B2C interaction as secondary source of revenue. (Appendix Short-Term Recommendation 1. Harmonizing strategy of staying local and going global: areas of focus for Nyassa atRead MorePorters Five Forces Value Chain1396 Words   |  6 Pages(Infrastructures) with business strategy †¢ Using multiple approaches to evaluating the strategic landscape is helpful in determining strategic opportunities. †¢ Here, we look at three such approaches: – Porter’s five forces model of the competitive advantage of firms – Porter’s value chain model of internal organizational operations – Wiseman’s theory of strategic thrusts and strategic option generator Professor Truex E-CommercePrinciples 2 The Five Forces Model and IS †¢ The Five Forces Model providesRead MoreStrategic Development And Implementation Of Alibaba Group Essay1265 Words   |  6 PagesImplementation Strategic Profile Mohammed Ali MBA 6999 May 03, 2016 Dr. Roundtree South University Alibaba Group Alibaba Group’s mission is to facilitate business everywhere. The firm is the leading mobile and online business firms in the universe with regards to gross products quantity. Established in 1999, the firms offers the basic marketing reach and technology infrastructure to assist companies leverage the Internet’s power to create a presence online and conduct business with numerous clientsRead MoreMerger : An American Multinational Technology Company1114 Words   |  5 PagesMerger is the combining of two or more firms, generally by offering the stockholders of one company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their stock. Conglomerate is a kind of merger, a combination among two or more different companies, which focus on different business in the different market, as well as having no relationship in the productive process. Vertical Merger is the integration of the business which in the same industry but in the different step of supplyRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On Foreign And Local Suppliers Essay1323 Words   |  6 Pagesboom experienced, because of both direct and indirect influence of globalization. However, the economic contributions of these industries to Thailand GDP varies. Nevertheless, the effects of globalization common to these industries is the increase in B2B relationship and presence of both foreign and local suppliers. As argued by scholars of globalization, globalization brought both pro and cons to economies. In the case of Thailand, it was argued that the globalization has influenced industrialization

Mental Health Nursing Care Samples †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Mental Health Nursing Care. Answer: Introduction: Adolescence is regarded as one of the most vulnerable and impressionable time spans of life (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). This phase of life has been considered to be an important age for the onset of various mental illnesses and disorders (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). The risk of developing various mental disorders at this age or time phase attributes additional complexity to the age of adolescence in an individual (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). The mental illnesses that present during adolescence are complex and have emotional inconsistencies in the background (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). It is critical, therefore, to identify the onset of mental disorders at an early stage in adolescents along with providing timely and effective treatment (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). However, the treatment of mental disorders in adolescents is much complex and requires effective and meaningful training to the health care providers and mental health nurses (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). The optimization of mental health nursing is one of the most crucial aspects of psychiatric health service (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). The changing times have visibly had an inadvertent effect on the mental health and stability amongst the youth and adolescents (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). Australia places great emphasis on the optimization of mental health nursing and eradicating the challenges that the Australian youth face during adolescence (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). Research suggests that in the lifetime of an individual, mental health disorders predominantly present between the age of 14 and 24 (Gournay, 2005) (Ballard, 2008). The concerns of mental health in young people are primarily of a psychosocial nature (Youth Mental health report, 2015)(Hart et al., 2012). In the recent times, the youth across the world report a lack of knowledge about the various mental health services along with not knowing whom to approach to seek mental health guidance (Youth Mental health report, 2015) (Hart et al., 2012). The state of integrated mental health is defined as the state of being able to adjust to fellow hum ans and the surrounding environment of the world and society effectively along with the highest degree of happiness (Youth Mental health report, 2015) (Hart et al., 2012). Mental illnesses therefore constitute a disrupted peace of mind, moods, emotions, and thoughts or the inability to deal with the changes in the surrounding world (Youth Mental health report, 2015) (Hart et al., 2012). In adolescents, the severity of personal, physiological, hormonal, and emotional changes makes the concept of mental health additionally complex (Youth Mental health report, 2015) (Hart et al., 2012). The aetiology of mental illnesses includes biological, physical, chemical, and psychosocial factors (Youth Mental health report, 2015) (Hart et al., 2012). The societal expectations and the stress associated with these expectations lead to the development of mental disturbance resulting in illnesses (Youth Mental health report, 2015)(Hart et al., 2012). The primary concerns of youth in the recent times include the topical factors including the likes of study-related stress, coping with normal stress levels, body image, substance and alcohol abuse, depression, body image issues, emotional abuse, safety concerns, school problems, and bullying (Youth Mental health report, 2015) (Hart et al., 2012).In the recent times, the adolescents and the young population are extremely concerned about the occurrence of stress and mental health disorders, according to a survey by the Australian commission (Youth Mental health report, 2015). In nursing health practice, psychiatric nursing, and particularly adolescent mental health nursing are inevitable and the most challenging areas of nursing health care service (Kutcher et al., 2009).The practice of mental health nursing has evolved in the past two decades (Kutcher et al., 2009). The most initial division of mental illnesses was neurosis, characterised by anxiety and distress, and psychosis, characterised by complete impairment of understanding and disintegration in personality and understanding of reality(Kutcher et al., 2009). The previous decades have witnessed serious changes in nursing practice (Kutcher et al., 2009). The primary changes have been that in the 1900s, there was a resolute dominance of schizophrenia and related disorders that were treated in a single mental health care unit (Kutcher et al., 2009). However, the recent times have evolved into the provision of various tertiary and social health aids (Kutcher et al., 2009). The common health disorders, however, have become more complex (Kutcher et al., 2009). Critically, the outcomes of nursing have become more complex due to the increase in the number of mental health illnesses that are, in some way subsets of the previous larger disorders (Kutcher et al., 2009). The gross classification of mental health illnesses has been further divided to more complex and indistinguishable array of related disorders (Kutcher et al., 2009). According to research, the number of nurses and the social and tertiary care units has escalated (Kutcher et al., 2009 ). The primary reason for this is the development of several disorders that were absent or unheard of in the past (Kutcher et al., 2009). Despite several changes in the training provided to nurses, there is a marked lack of understanding on handling complicated conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, panic disorder, phobias, obsessive-compuslive disorder, or learning disorders (Kutcher et al., 2009). In the recent times, there is dearth of nurse staffing in mental health care units and a resultant overlap of several responsibilities (Kutcher et al., 2009). Recently, interventions such as family group intervention, physical health monitoring, pharmacological treatment, and rehabilitation have gained momentum (Kutcher et al., 2009). The positive aspect of the changing nursing practice in adolescent psychiatric health, however, is the waning degree of stigma on the discussion of mental health concerns (Kutcher et al., 2009). The alterations in the interventions that are received at most nursing health care units have significant psychosocial outcomes on the youth (Drew, 2014) (Drew et al., 2009). The youth constantly face rising levels of school or study-related stress, concerns regarding body image, bullying, social pressures, and expectations (Drew, 2014) (Drew et al., 2009). The changes in the recent practices of nursing have provided the opportunity to approach dedicated social care units with trained professionals who are capable of providing the required support to them (Drew, 2014) (Drew et al., 2009). However, these organisations need to have improved coordination and efficacy in providing effective health service to the youth. The primary reason for this is that there are a plethora of options and not enough guidance for choosing the most appropriate mental health service (Drew, 2014) (Drew et al., 2009). The clinical outcomes of the youth include the lack of information about their current cond ition and the help that they seek. Awareness of these organisations and their specific functionality needs to be propagated for effective resolution of clinical outcomes for the youth (Drew, 2014) (Drew et al., 2009). Conclusion: The current essay deals with the complexity and the essence of psychiatric nursing in adolescents and young people. Providing mental health nursing care to young persons and adolescents involves the consideration of the socioeconomic and societal implications. The societal pressure and the stigma attached to mental health nursing stops several adolescents from seeking help. Social and tertiary care sectors have to enhance the association with the primary nursing care centres in order to address the issue adequately. The government health policies in adolescent mental health nursing have to adequately incorporated into the primary care sectors. There are several challenges in psychiatric nursing for adolescents that involve the influence of the changing times on the young persons. The changing times have seen an increase in the number of categories of disease development. The current essay critiques the complexity of divisions in mental health diagnoses and the reason for the difficul ty in the incorporation of the individual diagnostic tool. The current nursing facilities lack enough personnel and knowledge of governmental policies in the primary care facilities. These are issues that lead to challenges in psychiatric nursing for adolescents. References Ballard, K.A. (2008). Psychiatric mental health nursing: an introduction to theory and practice. Chapter 2: Issues and trends in psychiatric-mental health nursing. Jones and Bartlett publishers. Drew, B.L. (2014). The Evolution of the Role of the Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in the United States, Guest Editorial. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 28, 298300 Drew, B. L., Delaney, K. R. (2009). National survey of psychiatric mental health advanced practice nursing: Development, process, and finding. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 15, 101110. Delaney, K. R., Robinson, K. M., Chafetz, L. (2013). Development of integrated mental health care: Critical workforce competencies. Nursing Outlook, 61, 384391 Farley-Toombs, C. (2011). Shaping the future of PMH-APRN practice through engagement. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 17, 250252. Gournay, K. (2005). The changing face of psychiatric nursing. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 11, 611 Hart, C., Parker, R., Patterson, E., Hegarty, K., Sanci, L. (2012). Potential roles for practice nurses in preventive care for young people - A qualitative study. Australian Family Physician, 41(8), 618-621 Hanrahan, N. P., Delaney, K. R., Stuart, G. W. (2012). Blueprint for the development of the advanced practice psychiatric nurse workforce. Nursing Outlook, 60, 91106 Hoge, M. A., Stuart, G. W., Morris, J., Flaherty, M. T., Paris, M., Goplerud, E. (2013). Mental health and addiction workforce development: Federal leadership is needed to address the growing crisis. Health Affairs, 32, 20052012 Kent-Wilkinson, A. E. (2010). Forensic psychiatric/mental health nursing: Responsive to social need. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 31, 425431 Kutcher, S., Davidson, S., Manion, I. (2009). Child and youth mental health: Integrated health care using contemporary competency-based teams. Paediatr Child Health, 14(5), 315-318 Nicholls, D., Gaynor, N., Shafiei, T., Bosanac, P., Farrell, G. (2011). Mental health nursing in emergency departments: The case for a nurse practitioner role. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20, 530536 Royal college of nursing (2014).Mental health in children and young people.Available at https://my.rcn.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/596451/RCNguidance_CYPmental_health_WEB.pdf[Accessed on 11th Aug 2017] World Health Organization. Caring for children and adolescents with mental disorders. Geneva: WHO, 2003 Youth Mental health report 2015. Young peoples mental health over the years youth survey 2012-14. Mission Australia. Available at: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:EtJ5bH9cCaYJ:https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/publications/research/young-people/399-youth-survey-mental-health-report-2015/file+cd=2hl=enct=clnkgl=in

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The Boston Photographs Essay Example

The Boston Photographs Paper Dead Death in tabloids has been a pressing issue for decades. During Vietnam this was an especially prominent, and has continued into the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. No matter the place or the time people will always disapprove of death in photographs. It Just seems Like they feel It is disrespecting and disgraceful. I for one personally believe that some pictures should be shown In tabloids. Yes not all Images should be seen by the public, but there Is no better way for people to learn the truth particularly with the war on Iraq. The pictures of life and death are a mixed bunch. As such are the images taken by Stanley Forman on July 22, 1975, of the mother and child falling when a fire escape broke. For Stanley to even be able to take these pictures with the technology that was in use at the time is a great feat. He took an enormous amount of criticism for his shots. Yes It Is not the most pleasing Image a reader would Like to open up the morning paper too, and a lot of people had a hard time getting over that, but a person must look at the image as it was captured. With the disapproval aside if he had not taken these images not one morning reader loud have actually know what went on the night before. It would have just been another name with no face that died in a fire. Since he was able to get those shots, in my view it actually helped put the story together by showing me how the tragic event unfolded. We will write a custom essay sample on The Boston Photographs specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Boston Photographs specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Boston Photographs specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer At least a person could be thankful that both the mother and child did not die. The one boy actually landed on his mother and lived. All of the people that questioned the photos cannot get passed their first impressions and look at the bigger picture, which is death happens and it is better to learn then go blind about it. Charles Seibel, the former managing editor of the Washington Star writes any editor who decided to print those pictures without giving at least a moments thought to what purpose they served and what their effect was likely to be on the reader (248). Of course many people will probably disagree with me on the grounds that the images are too gruesome, but one cannot go sheltered their whole lives they must realize all aspects of life. The tabloids from Vietnam were not very accurate. Now granted I was not around for it, but all of the articles I have read, and a lot of the people that I have had the pleasure of talking with about this very sensitive subject have agreed with me. From what was actually going on to what was being seeing by the American public was portrayed in two very deferent views. Impossible some will say. You have all the wrong facts, Is what a lot of Americans were saying about the war. The images that were seen in the states were so far from the truth, that they were led to believe that it was the men and women in uniforms fault the so many lives were lost. The newspapers would only post the bad pictures. If one person had he guts to post photos of what a dead American looked like after a run in with the Viet c on. Yes I will agree with these people that this image should be respected and possibly not seen, but at the same time this Image could have helped the people the military. Going back to the advance in technology, if the reporters would have had the Nixon camera that Mr.. Foreman is said to have used, they could have a lot better action shots and hopefully would have done a better Job showing what was really going on. If a person looked at the news articles and all of the images that have been published on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars you would not see a lot of pictures about what it is like in a conflict or war. The Journalist often times only report on something to make the military look bad. While in Iraq, I experienced this type of event first hand. A lot of things that I saw never ended up in the tabloids. Anytime a marine was killed all that was heard about it was another marine died in Iraq. Sometimes it would have been helpful to have pictures on these events. Now yes some of these images no one should ever have to witness, but a good majority of the time an image loud have bettered the situation. People say they want the war to be over and bring all the troops home. The easiest way to do this would be to show a group of marines a picture of a fellow marine that had been killed in the line of duty, protecting the same people back in the US that say its disrespectful to show dead bodies, they get very aggressive when one of their own is killed. They would find where the picture was taken and would make sure it never happened again. Pictures also help put a closure on things. For those who were not around they can see the aftermath and might even be able to learn from that image. If Journalist would add a little more truth to the pictures they post, and not be afraid about what other people might say about them I bet people would have a completely different look about the Iraq war. Instead they are too worried about their image that they do not post depictions of what happens when a suicide bomber blows up a mosque filled with military and civilians. One time I know for a fact that this happened was a photo Journalist took photo of a building that had been destroyed by a suicide car bomber. In his Image all it showed was the wreckage of the explosion and a few dead locals. He failed to mention the two marines that lost their lives trying to save countless others, but in turned tried to blame it on them. With that rant and ramble off my chest, I will let you decide Mr.. Chief Editor of your big time newspaper, would you think twice about letting your photographers post images of the dead? I am not asking you to post every single image that appears of dead bodies, but I am asking you that you do not completely reject these images of life because death is a large part of the human life. Works Cited Prone, Nora. The Boston Photographs. Convergences. Deed. Robert Atman. Nee York: Bedford/SST Martins, 2009. 244-249

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Latin Names for Days of the Week

Latin Names for Days of the Week Romans named the days of the week after the seven  known planets–or rather, celestial bodies- which had been named after Roman gods: Sol, Luna, Mars, Mercury, Jove (Jupiter), Venus,  and Saturn. As used in the Roman calendar, the gods names were in the genitive singular case, which meant each day was a day of or assigned to a certain god. dies Solis,  day of the Sundies Lunae,  day of the Moondies Martis,  day of Mars (Roman god of war)dies Mercurii,  day of Mercury  (Roman messenger of the gods and god of commerce, travel, thievery, eloquence,  and science.)  dies Iovis,  day of Jupiter (Roman god who created thunder and lightning; patron of the  Ã‚  Roman state)  dies Veneris,  day of Venus  (Roman goddess of love and beauty)dies Saturni,  day of Saturn  (Roman god of agriculture) Latin and Modern Romance Languages All of the Romance languages–French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, and others- were derived from Latin. The development of those languages over the last 2,000 years has been traced using ancient documents, but even without looking at those documents, the modern-day names of the week have clear similarities to the Latin terms. Even the Latin word for days (dies) is derived from the Latin  from the gods (deus,  diis  ablative plural), and it too is reflected in the endings of the Romance language day terms (di or es). Latin Days of the Week and Romance Language Cognates (English) Latin French Spanish Italian MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday dies Lunaedies Martisdies Mercuriidies Iovisdies Venerisdies Saturnidies Solis LundiMardiMercrediJeudiVendrediSamediDimanche lunesmartesmià ©rcolesjuevesviernessbadodomingo lunedà ¬martedà ¬mercoledà ¬giovedà ¬venerdà ¬sabatodomenica Origins of the Seven-Planet Week Although the names of the week used by modern languages dont refer to gods that modern people worship, the Roman names definitely did name the days after the celestial bodies associated with particular gods- and so did other ancient calendars. The modern seven-day week with days named after gods associated with celestial bodies, is likely to have originated in Mesopotamia between the 8th and 6th centuries BCE. The lunar-based Babylonian month had four seven-day periods, with one or two extra days to account for the movements of the moon. The seven days were (probably) named for the seven known major celestial bodies, or rather for their most important deities associated with those bodies. That calendar was communicated to the Hebrews during the Judean exile in Babylon (586–537 BCE), who were forced to use the imperial calendar of Nebuchadnezzar and adopted it for their own use after they returned to Jerusalem. Theres no direct evidence for the use of celestial bodies as name days in Babylonia- but there is in the Judean calendar. The seventh day is called Shabbat in the Hebrew bible- the Aramaic term is shabta and in English Sabbath. All of those terms are derived from the Babylonian word shabbatu, originally associated with the full moon. All of the Indo-European languages use some form of the word to refer to Saturday or Sunday; the Babylonian sun god was named Shamash. Planetary Gods Planet Babylonian Latin Greek Sanskrit Sun Shamash Sol Helios Surya, Aditya, Ravi Moon Sin Luna Selene Chandra, Soma Mars Nergal Mars Ares Angaraka, Mangala Mercury Nabu Mercurius Hermes Budh Jupiter Marduk Iupiter Zeus Brishaspati, Cura Venus Ishtar Venus Aphrodite Shukra Saturn Ninurta Saturnus Kronos Shani Adoption of the Seven Day Planetary Week The Greeks adopted the calendar from the Babylonians, but the rest of the Mediterranean region and beyond did not adopt the seven day week until the first century CE. That spread into the hinterlands of the Roman empire is attributed to the Jewish diaspora, when the Jewish people left Israel for the far-flung elements of the Roman empire after the Second Temple destruction in 70 CE. The Romans didnt borrow directly from the Babylonians, they emulated the Greeks, who did. Graffiti in Pompeii, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE, includes references to the days of the week named by a planetary god. But in general, the seven-day  week  was not widely used until the Roman Emperor  Constantine the Great (306–337 CE) introduced the seven-day week into the Julian calendar. The early Christian church leaders were appalled at the use of pagan gods for names and did their best to replace them with numbers, but with no long-lasting success.   -Edited by Carly Silver Sources and Further Reading Falk, Michael. Astronomical Names for the Days of the Week. Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 93:122–133Ker, James. Nundinae: The Culture of the Roman Week. Phoenix 64.3/4 (2010): 360–85. Print.MacMullen, Ramsay. Market-Days in the Roman Empire. Phoenix 24.4 (1970): 333–41. Print.Oppenheim, A. L. The Neo-Babylonian Week Again. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 97 (1945): 27–29. Print.Ross, Kelley. The Days of the Week. The Proceedings of the Friesian School, 2015.Stern, Sacha. The Babylonian Calendar at Elephantine. Zeitschrift fà ¼r Papyrologie und Epigraphik 130 (2000): 159–71. Print.

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Assessment for learning Essay Example for Free (#9)

Assessment for learning Essay Learning is an innate capability of a person. People perceive things and learn through their experiences while they grow up and develop accordingly with their ages. Aside from the normal people who learn in the normal way, there are off course other people who are above normal, after which learn through special trainings and conditioning. People learn accordingly with their capacity to gain information and store it in their minds. It is not only by sending children to school that they are learning but also through their real life experiences that require not only for their intelligence but also for their emotional skills. In determining the learning rate of a certain group, it is very important that the surveyor is able to gather the information about the specific group such as age range, family background, nutrition of the students and other factors that actually affect the learning activity of a person, be it a cognitive or conditional learning. There are also specific tests that can be given to the students or the target learners to have written and documented results. Suppose I chose the pool of elementary students that includes children ranging from 10-11 years old. These children are already exposed to a large scope of media that portray the different roles and scenarios in the society. If I am to analyze their emotional intelligence, I would give them examinations that can determine how well they interact with other students such that they will be told to work on groups. Through the activity, students with good family background can actually have the bigger possibilities of leading the group thus causing peace whenever other children tend to fight for what they believe. Off course there will be passive kind of children and the best tool to give or offer them are group dynamics that can actually unleash their inner talents. That is also possible if the conductor of the test is encouraging and enthusiastic. In terms of academic assessments, children on this age range can be fed with lectures and practice activities such as solving math problems or subject and verb agreement. In my past experiences as a child, it is very effective for me that children will be given the chance to construct their own sentences and math problems. After that, children will be asked to solve and analyze what they do and have it in group discussions. Group discussions can help the children to gain other ways of solving such problems and understanding different sentences. It is also helpful that the teacher follows up the development of the understanding of a student. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson is necessary thus providing them devices and strategies that can help them understand more the difficult points. Specific tools that can be used in assessing the ability of a person in Mathematics and English can be flash cards and reading literary pieces (stories, anecdotes) respectively. Both can add up to the expertise of a student to the subject matter. Every child deserves the right for education. For those who can’t afford it, there are still many ways to supply your children with it; either tutoring them every day or enrolling them a school that caters scholarships. It is vital to feed the children with knowledge while they are young and still can acquire and save them to their memories. The value of education is much more priceless than any treasure in this world: not fading but still growing through ages. QCA WEBSITE. Assessment for learning. Retrieved 1 May 2008 from http://www. qca. org. uk/qca_5067. aspx Assessment for learning. (2017, Jan 11).

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Lysistrata by Aristophanes Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Lysistrata by Aristophanes - Movie Review Example Protesting war was just as risky for Lysistrata as it is for many today. She chose to do it defiantly, courageously and in a very public way. Protestors today may not share the same immediate threats as Lysistrata, but the dangers are still there. Lysistrata is such a compelling figure of strength and determination that even a Greek guy wearing a mask could evoke the emotion Aristophanes infused in this character. Of course, modern sensibilities prefer that a strong, intelligent and probably beautiful actor be used to bring this character to life. This is the way of Hollywood, after all. But from the standpoint of acting and emotion, the real character of Lysistrata lies in the writing of Aristophanes. The medium used to bring this character to life is almost irrelevant. The story is so compelling and tragic, yet triumphant, that modern or ancient audiences would find much to enjoy and ponder in any staging of this